Pavel Durov on how CIA gets access to messengers

Pavel Durov on how CIA gets access to messengers
Pavel Durov at TechCrunch Disrupt conference

Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram messenger explained how special-service agents could access accounts of messenger users.

According to Durov, hackers do not attack apps directly, instead using software vulnerabilities. "Imagine a castle on a hillside," Mr. Durov said comparing a messenger to a fortress. "Your device is the mountain. Your castle may well be fortified, but the mountain below is a wakeful volcano."

The Telegram founder said that special services could hack the device directly, and then use it to get access to all the user’s text messengers as well as the keyboard to type texts. Pavel Durov urged Apple, Google and Samsung to eliminate vulnerabilities in their software.

Earlier, WikiLeaks unveiled a new archive of documents that, according to website founder Julian Assange, proves the US CIA had been working on a software to hack smartphones, computers and televisions, as well as to bypass encryption on WhatsApp and Telegram. 



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