Patrolman fired for not providing first aid to drunken judge behind Hummer's wheel 

Patrolman fired for not providing first aid to drunken judge behind Hummer's wheel
Judge Dmitry Chernikov and highway patrolman Sergey Lyzunenko when drawing up a protocol Photo: Screenshot of the video

The Irkutsk Regional Court considered that the patrolman had committed a misdemeanor, "discrediting the honor of a police officer".⁠

Irkutsk inspector of the Road Patrol Service (DPS) Sergey Lyzunenko was fired after he had tried to prosecute judge of the regional court Dmitry Chernikov for driving when intoxicated.

The events in question occurred back in October 2016. As Senior Lieutenant Sergey Lyzunenko testifies, early on October 8 he and Captain Sakhib Musayev arrived on call at the scene of an accident – in the village of Dzerzhinsk a Hummer SUV driver bumped into the rear of a Toyota Allion. The inspectors considered that the accident had happened through the fault of the SUV driver, who had all the external signs of alcoholic intoxication – a strong smell of alcohol, a rickety walk and slurred speech. The process of drawing up a protocol was recorded on a dashboard camera, the record from which hit the web only the other day and caused a stir.

Video: Drawing the report on drunk judge

When drawing up the report, it turned out that the driver of the Hummer was judge of the Irkutsk Regional Court Dmitry Chernikov. Notably, Chernikov called himself unemployed, the law enforcement officers accidentally found his service certificate on the floor. The inspectors reported the status of the detainee to their management. Thus, the commander of the DPS battalion, the wife of Chernikov and even the Deputy Chairman of the regional court found themselves at the scene.

As a result, as lawyer of the policeman Dmitry Dmitriev told Gazeta.Ru, a case on drunken driving was not opened. Six months later judge Chernikov, who continued to work in the regional court, appealed to the traffic police with a demand to check the actions of the inspectors who dealt with him. According to the judge, he was severely beaten by unknown persons, and to hide the signs of beating, they violently poured a bottle of vodka into his mouth (there are really grazes on the judge's face on the shots taken by the dash camera).

This was inspector Lyzunenko lost his job. The court considered that the patrolman "committed a misdemeanor discrediting the honor of a police officer" without administering first aid to Chernikov. On July 27 Lyzunenko vainly tried to return to his post, but the Sverdlovsk District Court of Irkutsk refused him.

After the story gained a wide public resonance, the court decided to state its version of the events. On the eve a message about the events of last year was posted on the official site. According to the court, on October 8, 2016 at 04:14 Irkutsk resident, some Etingov deliberately hit judge Dmitry Chernikov on the head. Fearing responsibility, the attacker poured "vodka from the bottle into the judge's mouth and disappeared from the scene of the crime". At 04:40 his friends called the police on the pretext of an allegedly committed road accident. Contrary to the requirements of the law On Police, inspector Lyzunenko did not render first aid to the victim.

As for citizen Etingov, who ostensibly attacked the judge and forcibly poured a bottle of vodka into his mouth, on May 26 the court found him guilty under part 1 of Art. 111 of the Criminal Code (Intentional Infliction of a Grave Injury) and appointed a 3-year suspended sentence. The motives for attacking the judge were never established.



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