Passport data of Chubais and Dvorkovich leaked onto Internet

Passport data of Chubais and Dvorkovich leaked onto Internet
Anatoly Chubais and Arkady Dvorkovich

A total of 360 thousand records with personal data of Russians became publicly available.

Personal data of 360 thousand Russians became available in the public domain. Among them are passports of former Vice-Prime Ministers of the government Anatoly Chubais and Arkady Dvorkovich, RBC reports with reference to a study of the Chairman of the Association of Participants in Data Markets, Ivan Begtin.

The expert has analyzed data from the websites of eight state information systems - the registry of subsidies to the federal budget of the Ministry of Finance (50 thousand records), the registry of reports of non-profit organizations of the Ministry of Justice (10 thousand), the registry of citizens' appeals on the Online Inspector portal of Rostrud (1 thousand), the information system Legal acts of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia (2 thousand) and the portal of bidding on state property of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (2 thousand), the portal of management of apartment houses in Moscow (1–2 thousand), the capital procurement portal (2.5 thousand) and the portal of state and municipal order of the federal treasury (300 thousand). According to Begtin, his calculation is rather indicative, since one record may feature information about several people.

The study is divided into three parts. Thus, the first tells about the leaks on the sites of certification centers engaged in the confirmation of electronic signatures. 63 thousand records with disclosure of personal data got into the Network from it - not only the surname, name, patronymic, but also e-mail, place of work and SNILS (insurance individual account number).

The second part is about the leakage of 2.24 million records with passport data, SNILS and employment information from the sites of electronic trading platforms.

Among the famous people information about whom became publicly available are former Deputy Prime Ministers and a Deputy Speaker of the State Duma, says Begtin.

For instance, information can be found in the register of reports of non-profit organizations of the Ministry of Justice among the reports “on the activities of a non-profit organization and the staff of its governing bodies.” There is data on Alexander Zhukov, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma (Deputy Prime Minister between 2004 and 2011), Arkady Dvorkovich, Co-Chairman of the Skolkovo Foundation and former Deputy Prime Minister, his wife Zumruda Rustamova, TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov and other high-ranking officials.

The site has a similar report of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs. It contains the passport details of the Chairman of state corporation Rosnano, formerly Deputy Prime Minister Anatoly Chubais and senior executives of the corporation Andrey Svinarenko, Alexey Kachai, Dmitry Kolesnikov, Andrey Trapeznikov and Yuriy Udaltsov.

The only one who has commented on the leak so far is Vladimir Solovyov. He told RBC that he did not give his consent to the publication of his personal data. The TV host said he would try to resolve the problem with the publication of his personal information.

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