Passenger A321 bullied for her “thankless” video, she’s to sue media 

Passenger A321 bullied for her “thankless” video, she’s to sue media

Subscribers and journalists harassed the girl.

Alla Garkovenko, who made a video after the emergency landing of an Airbus A321 in a cornfield in the Moscow region, is being bullied on the net.

The Daily Mail, which reported on the girl, called her an “ungrateful stripper.” According to journalists, the passenger spoke sarcastically and cursed while the rest praised the pilots.

After the video was posted on Instagram, subscribers called Garkovenko “ungrateful” and “stupid,” resenting the fact that she thanked the God, and not the pilots, in saving her.

Alla said that she received messages with phrases such as “it’d be better that you had died there, why do people like you survive...”

The girl explained that immediately after an emergency landing in a cornfield, the crew ordered the passengers to quickly leave the aircraft and run away from it as far as possible, in case it exploded.

“My nerves were frayed... I was nervous. When your adrenaline levels raise, your only goal is to survive. You’re not looking at the world through rose-coloured glasses... I just run out, all alone. I told how it really was,” Garkovenko said as cited by 360.

Garkovenko added that she intended to sue The Daily Mail. If the trial is successful, she intends to transfer compensation to the pilots, and if they refuse, she will donate to charity to the victims of plane crashes.



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