Participants of Krasnodar shooting detained in Adler 

Participants of Krasnodar shooting detained in Adler

They did not struggle on arrest.

Adler’s law enforcers have detained 5 participants of an armed conflict that had happened on the night of August 21 in Krasnodar. The participants of the shooting are more than 10 persons. 27-year-old native of Dagestan Ilyas Vanatov died in a hospital from his injuries.

Employees of the Krasnodar region’s directorate of the Federal Security Service and police have detained 5 participants of the armed conflict who had been put on a wanted list. They were determined and detained on hot scenes. They did not struggle on arrest.  


It was earlier reported about 3 participants of the shooting who had been detained. Police also published an APB of a 28-year-old native of Chechnya Ruslan Rukmanovich Turashov. He allegedly escaped in a white-colored Lada Priora with v990tk95 plate - along with another participant of the shooting - his relative Murad Musaevich Turashov.

The shooting, according to some reports, took place due to a conflict related to music. A group of guys did not like the sound of the music from Lada Priora. They asked to turn it down in not very polite way. After that, the conflict started.

Meeting of leaders of national communities had earlier taken place in Krasnodar. They discussed the conflict related to the shooting. The participants of the meeting concluded that the conflict had started due to domestic disagreement and denied the allegation that it had escalated into an interethnic conflict. However, the natives of Chechnya and Dagestan told about an interethnic tension in the Kuban region.



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