Participant in Kemerovo village fight with Roma placed in detention center

Participant in Kemerovo village fight with Roma placed in detention center

An arrested man stabbed two locals.

A resident of the village of Podgornoye in the Kemerovo region was sent to a pre-trial detention center after a fight during which, according to investigators, he stabbed two locals, Taiga.Info reports.

Earlier it was reported that the police and special forces took a house of Roma in Podgornoye under their protection because of the threat of lynching by local residents. The locals were outraged by the fight between their friends and the Roma, which led to the men being stabbed.

Two criminal cases have been opened on Intentional Infliction of Bodily Harm (Art. 111 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) against the arrested, whom Taiga.Info calls a gypsy.

According to a source of the publication in security bodies, the parties to the conflict quarreled over a girl.

“Let's put it this way: she talked too much, the man didn’t like something, he answered, because of this everything started. Her friends began to protect her, and, moreover, the man that insulted her is Russian. The gypsy was simply in a group of opponents - on the side of this man,” said the interlocutor of Taiga.Info.

The fight, as a result of which the locals were injured, occurred a few days later. The next day, a crowd of villagers headed for the house where the Roma lived. The residents of the house, in turn, called the police. The Special Police Force and several police squads arrived in the village.

It is reported that at this stage, special forces soldiers have been taken out of the village. The authorities held a people's gathering at which they tackled the situation. By now, as the village administration assures, the situation has returned to normal.




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