Participant in Gelandewagen race expelled from Russia by court decision

Participant in Gelandewagen race expelled from Russia by court decision
Abduvakhob Madzhidov

A citizen of Tajikistan with revoked Russian citizenship is a real threat to public order and the basics of the country's constitutional order, the Ministry of Internal Affairs believes.

Abduvakhob Madzhidov, who took part in the Gelandewagen race in 2016, has been expelled from Russia. The Zamoskvoretsky Court of Moscow concluded that he represented a real threat to public order and the foundations of the Russian constitutional system, AGN Moskva reports.

June 25, the Dorogomilovsky Court found Madzhidov guilty of committing an administrative offense provided for under part 3.1. of Art. 18.8 of the Russian Code Of Administrative Offences (Violation by an Alien or a Stateless Person of the Rules for Entry into the Russian Federation or of the Regime for Staying (Living) in the Russian Federation) and sentenced him to a fine of 5 thousand rubles ($76) with compulsory administrative expulsion from Russia.

The decision to expel the citizen of Tajikistan Madzhidov was taken by the MIA. In addition, the MIA General Administration Center for Combating Extremism in Moscow has information that the man "is actively campaigning against the policy of the Russian government and the activities of law enforcement agencies, inclining citizens to disobey the executive authorities of Russia.” However, the young man disagreed with the decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and decided to appeal it.

Earlier, it turned out that the father of Abduvakhob Madzhidov had provided false information when acquiring Russian citizenship. His Russian ID and the IDs of his children were revoked due to being received in violation of the law. Abduvakhob Madzhidov had been repeatedly brought to administrative responsibility, stripped of his driver's license, and evaded the execution of administrative punishment.

Madzhidov gained notoriety in May 2016 when evading a police chase on Gelandewagen together with the son of Lukoil president Ruslan Shamsuarov and their friends.



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