Part of charges removed from criminal case against six police officers to mitigate sentence 

Part of charges removed from criminal case against six police officers to mitigate sentence
Alexey Shepelin

In St. Petersburg, police officers tortured people to make them confess in unsolved crimes.

A prosecutor excluded beatings proved by medics, theft, possession of ammunition and evidence tampering from the charges against six ex-policemen from St. Petersburg, which made it possible to reclassify the corpus delicti to a softer one, RIA Novosti reports. On April 15, the Nevsky District Court of St. Petersburg delivered a verdict against two former deputy heads of the police department, Artem Morozov and Mikhail Antonenkov, as well as operatives Sergey Kotenko, Kirill Borodich, Alexander Ipatov and Andrey Barashkov. 

According to the investigators, on April 26, 2017, Antonenko, Borodich, Kotenko, and Morozov detained and beat Alexey Shepelin, a suspect in drug trafficking, after which they took him to the Nevsky District PD No. 70, where they continued to beat him, using a stun gun and batons, and also burned his nostrils with a cigarette. The detainee did not plead innocent, and the officer planted a bag of hashish in his pocket, after which framed up a criminal case against him.

According to Shepelin, Alexey Shustov was detained along with him. The both were taken to the PD and placed in different offices. Shustov was not recognized as a victim in the criminal case. The prosecutor also removed the accusation of drug planting and unlawful initiation of a criminal case. Cartridges found during a search in Morozov’s apartment, which was initially mentioned in the case, were also excluded from the indictment, as well as the theft of the dash camera and beatings inflicted on Zamir Abdulkamalov.

Three weeks after the incident with Shustov, the same police officers broke into a bookmaker's office, “tore the passports of the people who were there, beat up the security guard and took him with them,” the ICR’s Main Invetigative Directorate  for St. Petersburg reported. At the police station, they demanded the detainee to confess in buying stolen goods and poured boiling water on his back. Abdulkamalov’s dash camera was taken. In the indictment, only beatings and the incident with the boiling water were left.


The defendants pleaded innocent. Antonenko was acquitted “due to lack of corpus delicti” under the article on exceeding official powers, the joint press service of the courts of St. Petersburg reports. The court also acquitted Borodich and Ipatov charged under to the same article; the former was also acquitted under the article about the official forgery “for non-participation.”

The court sentenced Ipatov three years and two months in a penal colony for exceeding official powers and released him, since the term was served in the pre-trial detention facility. Barashkov was sentenced to four years in a general regime colony with a two-year ban to hold public office, found guilty of the same crime. 

Kotenko received a 3.5 year suspended sentence with a probation period of two years for forgery and exceeding official powers. Morozov was sentenced to four years in a general regime penal colony with a ban to hold public office for two years – he was found guilty of exceeding official powers and acquitted under the article on illegal possession of ammunition.



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