Parents refuse to have body of ‘drunk’ boy exhumed

Parents refuse to have body of ‘drunk’ boy exhumed
Roman Shimko, the father of the deceased boy

The family has doubts as to whether a new examination a few months after the tragedy could show objective results.

The parents of the 6-year-old boy who died in a car accident in Balashikha near Moscow, and in whose blood a high concentration of alcohol was found, refused to have the body exhumed after all, said their lawyer Viktor Danilchenko.

"There is no reliable proof that it would result in something useful, and subjecting the family to this experience would be pointless," explained Danilchenko.

Earlier, the parents of the deceased boy had gotten the status of victims in a negligence case, which allows them, if desired, to ask permission for exhumation. The federation of forensic experts stated that they needed to have a muscle tissue of the deceased boy to establish whether the 6-year-old Alyosha Shimko had indeed been drunk at the time of the accident. However, eventually other experts assured the Shimko family that a new examination was unlikely to show objective results.

The tragedy occurred in Zheleznodorozhny district of Balashikha on April, 23rd. Olga Alisova, 31, was driving a Hyundai Solaris in the courtyard of an apartment building when she hit Alyosha Shimko. The boy died from the injuries on the spot. According to eyewitnesses, the car was moving at a speed of about 50-60 km/h, and the woman was talking on the phone. Alisova claims that it was the child that rushed under the wheels.

Two criminal cases are being investigated: one on the accident itself (run by the police) and one on negligence during the examination (run by the Investigative Committee). Note that the second case still has no suspect.

As for Olga Alisova, the trial of her case will begin on August 21. The preliminary hearing will be held in closed session.



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