Parents of child who drowned in Sochi stormwater ditch ready for $2.24k reconciliation for religious reasons

Parents of child who drowned in Sochi stormwater ditch ready for $2.24k reconciliation for religious reasons

The parents will donate the compensation for the boy’s death to church.

Parents of the 7-year-old boy, who drowned in a stormwater ditch in Sochi’s Lazarevskoe village on August 3, have agreed to reconcile with the man guilty for the tragedy out of religious reasons. They will donate the 150 thousand rubles ($2,240) to church, a friend of the dead boy’s family told the publication. 

The case of the boy's death was terminated on December 4 for reconciliation of the parties. The defendant in the case was the owner of a guest house, outside of which the child fell into the stormwater ditch. He was charged with Infliction of Death by Negligence (Art. 109 of the Russian Criminal Code). The guest house’s owner redid the stormwater ditch and left it open. He admitted his guilt and pleaded guilty. 

The second defendant in the case was an engineer at Vodostok municipal unitary enterprise, but he was not brought to justice. The municipal unitary enterprise reported that the stormwater ditch outside the guest house, where the boy died, was built in accordance with all construction rules. 

The boy’s funeral took place in the village of Staroye Ilderyakovo in Tatarstan, where his whole family comes from. At the moment, his parents live 40 kilometers from Nizhnekamsk. There is another child in the family, he is three-year-old. 

According to the parishioner of the Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin in Nizhnekamsk, who knows the boy’s family, they are people of faith who “practically live at the church.” The first thing that occurred after the tragedy was the child's grandmother calling the temple and shouting at the parishioner, explaining her what exactly had happened. 

According to the publication’s source, the 150 thousand rubles of compensation were the “gratitude” of the accused for freedom, because the family of the deceased boy “did not need money.” The amount they receive will provide for donations to temples. The woman added that after the tragedy, the boy’s parents became even more religious. 

Another friend of the family said that the boy’s mother did not blame anyone but herself, which could have been another reason for reconciliation with the defendants. The woman said that the boy was very ill ever since his birth. “His mother prayed every day for God to allot him at least seven years,” the publication’s source noted. 

“The boy died exactly at that age. His mother believes that she is the only one to blame for the boy’s death, rather than some stormwater ditch. This is why she did not blame either the grandmother or the people accused by the investigation for the death of her son,” the family’s friend said.



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