Owner of restaurant where former GRU fighter Nikita Belyankin was murdered arrested in Armenia

Owner of restaurant where former GRU fighter Nikita Belyankin was murdered arrested in Armenia
Nikita Belyankin

The businessman was detained at Russia’s request.

Police of Armenia have arrested an owner of a Moscow region-based restaurant Beer House where a former Special Forces officer Nikita Belyankin was murdered on June 1, 2019, reports Rosbalt with reference to a source within law enforcement. The businessman is likely to be at suit following the data received from Moscow.

According to the source of Rosbalt, the businessmen left Russia soon after the murder at the restaurant. However, he was detained and placed in custody in Armenia at Russia’s request. At the present time, the investigative activities are going on.

The source of the agency reported that during the interrogation, the restaurant owner told his own theory. According to it, the detainee was on the restaurant’s second floor where a large group of people were celebrating Grant Ayrapetyan’s birthday. A waiter called him and said there was a conflict between two visitors at the bar counter. They were the restaurant’s permanent visitors who lived nearby. After they had spent time at home, they set off for Beer House to ‘huff’.

The restaurant owner says the men confessed they had drunk two bottles of vodka on that day. While in the restaurant, they behaved provocatively, and the owner tried to drive him off. At that moment, members of the celebration came down from the second floor. They noticed the conflict and started pulling the drunk visitors outdoors. The scuffle continued there.

The owner of Beer House states that at that moment, a man with a gun appeared and opened fire. The guests of the birthday party thought he was a friend of the men they had pulled outdoors. They got into a fight during which the man with the gun (Belyankin) was killed. The restaurant owner set off for Armenia out out fear of the incident.

The investigation theory is that in the evening, on June 1, 2019, the guests of the restaurant who were celebrating Grant Ayrapetyan’s birthday suddenly attacked two visitors of the restaurant: Danilov and Sergeev. The Investigative Committee theory is that the attackers acted in an organized way and used an “insignificant cause” for the conflict. The men were lurred outdoors with use of obscene language. After that, they started beating and kicking them. Then, one of the attackers pulled out a knife and and started threatening his victims with it. At some point, he caused a serious penetrative trauma in Sergeev’s stomach. The investigators believe that the purpose of the attackers was the murder of their victim. They continued manhandling him.

According to the investigators, Sergeev was saved by the appearance of Belyankin, who tried to stop the beating. The former commando first demanded to stop the fight, and then shot into the air twice with a traumatic gun. Then the angry participants of the beating attacked him. Immediately after that, Khodzhayan stabbed him in the heart, which killed him. The ICR believes that Belyankin died performing his public duty.



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