Ovechkin's ex-girlfriend who caused accident with pregnant woman is hiding from police 

Ovechkin's ex-girlfriend who caused accident with pregnant woman is hiding from police
Valeriya Sokolova

According to relatives, Valeriya Sokolova does not want to compensate for the damage.

A former girlfriend of hockey player Aleksandr Ovechkin, model Valeriya Sokolova, who caused an accident on the Novorizhskoye highway of the capital, has been hiding from law enforcement for 10 days.

The relatives of the pregnant girl who suffered in the accident try to find the culprit of the accident through the social networks in order to demand compensation of half a million rubles ($7,500). At the same time, the sister of the injured driver wrote in social networks that Sokolova does not want to pay for the caused damage.


“My brother and his pregnant wife were driving the car. The culprit of the accident disappeared from the scene of the accident, and to this day the police cannot find it,” the woman wrote in her Instagram account.

Recall that Valeriya Sokolova arranged an accident with a head-on collision, leaving for the oncoming lane in her Geländewagen.

“There was a zigzag turn, we saw Geländewagen flying from behind the cars on the oncoming lane. I was driving at a speed of 47 kilometers per hour, I saw it, I managed to brake. But she did not even think of slowing down. There was a head-on collision, we immediately called an ambulance, the wife will give birth soon,” said the victim of the accident.

Accident was recorded by the dashcam installed in the car. According to the victims, the culprit of the accident behaved inadequately. She began to call someone, sob, and while the couple called the traffic police inspectors, Valeriya Sokolova disappeared from the scene of the accident. Interestingly, the front license plate was missing on Sokolova’a car. Later it turned out that the girl was driving on the oncoming lane, hiding from a previous accident.

According to the victim's relative, the culprit of the accident, as if nothing had happened, continues to publish pictures from photo shoots, as well as publish advertising posts in social networks. However, the police still failed to contact her.

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