Outreach worker killed her ward due to mercenary motive

Outreach worker killed her ward due to mercenary motive
The old woman was killed for mercenary motive

According to the investigation, nurse Galina Huseynova committed the crime so as to take possession of the old woman's savings.

Police of St. Petersburg detained the outreach worker of the charitable organization Eva Galina Huseynova on suspicion of the Mariinsky Theater oldest employee 93-year-old Nina Matsina’s murder. Fontanka reports this.

According to the investigation, Huseynova committed a murder for mercenary purposes. She took care of Matsina for several months and found out that the woman has funeral savings. Then she engaged two acquaintances to kill the ward and take this money.

The murder occurred on November 20. The nurse let in the man who strangled Matsina. At this time, another accomplice got jigs. Then the criminals searched the apartment and stole a bankcard and an old photo with the autograph of a famous singer. The killers, however, did not recognize the PIN code of the card, and therefore could not steal money.

Nina Matsina was an employee of the Mariinsky Theater library’s music notes department. Galina Huseynova worked in the charitable organization Eva since 2012. According to head of the visiting nurse care Eva Alla Schwartz, before the murder, Huseynova has acted as a silver lining.



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