Otradny Police Chief might smart for someone else's debt 

Otradny Police Chief might smart for someone else's debt
Law enforcement officials work at the site of attack Photo: RIA Novosti

The Investigative Committee examines one of the motives of robbery attack on Dmitry Vashurkin and his wife, who died from injuries.

Investigators are working on versions of the alleged motives of the attack on the Otradny Police Chief Dmitry Vashurkin and his wife Katerina in the Samara region.

Officially, the ICR does not disclose the motives of the crime. However, as Life found out, the reason for the attack might be a debt owed to the bank. Interestingly, the borrower was not Vashurkin, but his friend.

According to a source, the officer became security for certain Alexander Bondarenko, who took the credit in Sberbank, which later could not pay off. In 2014, the bank turned to the Kirov district court of Samara for the enforced recovery. Thus, guarantor Vashurkin and his friend Bondarenko had to pay 329 thousand rubles. Men are registered in the database of bailiffs, as the debts have not yet been repaid.

"Investigators checked the version of a possible conflict with a friend because of financial problems," - said the source of Life.

Employees of Sberbank refused to comment relying on banking secrecy.

Recall, December 11, Otradny Police Chief Dmitry Vashurkin and his wife Katerina were attacked by unknown persons in their house in the village Smyshlyaevka, the Samara region. According to investigators, there were four criminals, all wearing masks. Attackers beat the couple until they lost consciousness. Vashurkin regained consciousness in the morning and called the brigade of first aid. His wife died before the arrival of doctors.

At the moment, the policeman is in the hospital. He was transferred from the intensive care ward in a general regime, where he gave the first testimony to investigators.

Investigators continue to work at the scene. "At the present time, all the necessary measures, operational search and investigative activities to establish and detain criminals are carried out," - the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation explained.

The criminal case was instituted on two counts: Murder and Attempted Murder committed by a group of persons by prior conspiracy, i.e., aggravated.



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