Organizers of robbery of General Lyseiko to be searched among his entourage

Organizers of robbery of General Lyseiko to be searched among his entourage
Near Vladimir Lyseiko’s house after the robbery

The criminals knew that the former security official had made a cache on his plot. Moreover, the intruders easily accessed alarms and video cameras.

Law enforcers are working through the network of acquaintances and relatives of the former investigator of the Prosecutor General's Office, Vladimir Lyseiko, whose house was attacked on Tuesday evening by armed men.

According to MK, the robbers were well informed – they knew that the general had made a secret cache on his land plot and came with a metal detector. In addition, the first thing they did after the gardener and the owner of the house were neutralized, was turning off the receiver, hidden in the boiler room. Thus, the investigation does not have the opportunity to see the recordings from the CCTV cameras installed on the property.

According to the publication, not only relatives and friends of the general are among the suspects, but also the entourage of his gardener from Moldova. According to some sources, the gardener's girlfriend dates several men at once, and her brother is a kingpin from Kursk.

It is to be recalled that in the cache the robbers found $ 20,000 in cash and jewelry, the value of which is not specified. 

It is to be added that under the leadership of Vladimir Lyseiko the Prosecutor General's Office investigated the cases of Yukos and Vladimir Gusinsky, as well as a number of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Customs Committee. It is possible that to his venerable age, the former security forces officer could have many ill-wishers.



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