Organizer of murder at Sofiyskaya vegetable warehouse was arrested in St. Petersburg

Organizer of murder at Sofiyskaya vegetable warehouse was arrested in St. Petersburg

The alleged organizer of the murder at the Sofiyskaya vegetable warehouse was detained for two days under the Article 91 of the Russian Code of Criminal Procedure.

The detectives of the Main Directorate of the MIA of St. Petersburg detained a 54-year-old Azerbaijani citizen. According to preliminary information, he is suspected of entering into a criminal conspiracy with Emil Huseynov, giving him weapons and coordinating the murder of Maarif Ismailov. The suspect was detained for 2 days under the Article 91 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation, said Fontanka.

The murder took place at the Sofiyskaya vegetable warehouse on June 20, 2016. During the shooting a 43-year-old native of Azerbaijan was killed. On the same day in the evening, the name of the alleged killer became known. Despite the fact that the ambulance and other services came quickly enough, the victim Ismayilov died on the physicians, and the killer was caught and beaten up by traders, after which was taken to the Alexandrovskaya Hospital.

The shooter was a former employee of the Federal Drug Control Service, a graduate of the University of the Ministry of Interior, 27-year-old Emil Huseynov.

According to Fontanka, the young officer was fired from there in 2015 for defamatory grounds after a visit to the diplomatic mission of Azerbaijan in St. Petersburg. After that, the young man was applying for different jobs.

Among the reasons for the alleged murder there are both personal revenge and debt. According to another preliminary version, Emil Huseynov through Ismailov attempted to send about 200 thousand rubles in Azerbaijan, but the transfer allegedly did not reach to addressee. To find out where the money was gone, the former guardian of order personally came to the vegetable warehouse. According to the second version, Imailov and Huseynov are pawns in the conflict for spheres of influence at the warehouse. Allegedly the killed person was a relative of some of Navruz, who a year ago was an influential player on the field of cash flow distribution on the market. In particular, according to rumors, the former police officer had to get rid of Ismailov for 10 million rubles. The third version is based on such the concept of "blood feud". It is said that his father Emil Huseynov some time ago was abducted, then the man was freed. A son came to avenge the alleged offenders in the person of Ismailov.

The Central Investigation Department in St. Petersburg initiated a criminal case under the Art. 105 (murder) of the Russian Criminal Code.



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