Organizer of financial pyramid jailed for deception of investors amounting to $694.200

Organizer of financial pyramid jailed for deception of investors amounting to $694.200

The defendant fully admitted his guilt.⁠

The Central District Court of Khabarovsk issued a guilty verdict to the defendant of the case on the pyramid investment scheme and the theft of 40 million rubles ($694.200) from depositors. The defendant, 30-year-old Anton Kucherenko, fully admitted his guilt and concluded a plea deal with the Prosecutor's Office.

"A man is sentenced to four years in a colony-settlement. He was convicted under part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (Swindling on an especially large scale)," the Central District Court of the city commented.

According to the investigation, Anton Kucherenko is one of the founders of the pyramid. Throughout the period from 2014-2016, he actively attracted the population to invest in a wildcat, promising quick earnings of 44-46% per annum. According to other sources, the organization was also engaged in the issuance of microloans.

Initially, all depositors regularly received their payments. A system of benevolent managers, which actively cooperated with clients persuaded them to involve their friends and acquaintances in the pyramid, was created. Due to new investments the company was working for a while, however, soon it was reregistered into frontmen. Thus, about 100 depositors were found deceived; they spent about 40 million rubles.

Deceived participants want the fraudulent organization to return money, but it is not possible.

The criminal investigation against other participants in the organization of the pyramid continues.



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