Orenburg resident suspected of murdering policeman turned himself in to investigation  

Orenburg resident suspected of murdering policeman turned himself in to investigation
Evgeny Nikulin, Junior MIA Lieutenant

According to the Orenburg ICR Investigations Directorate, investigative activities are currently conducted with one of the suspects in the murder of the criminal investigation department officer Evgeny Nikulin in Orenburg.

36-year-old Igor Makarov, suspected of car theft and infringement on life of a police officer, has turned in to the investigative bodies and given testimony, law enforcement authorities reported.

Search for two other suspects in the crime is ongoing. According to investigation, both of them are unemployed residents of Orenburg. A reward of 2 million rubles has been offered for information that can help to detain the perpetrators. Leaflets with photos of the criminals are handed out in the city center. Names of the suspects are known. They are Albert Arzumanyan born in 1993, and Aleksandr Dvornik born in 1987.

A criminal case under "Attempted murder of a police officer" has been initiated following an attack on the police officer, as a result of which he had died from stab wounds.


The information about unidentified persons trying to steal a Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen, parked near Zazhigalka club on Plekhanov Street was received by Orenburg police on the night of October 6.

One of the hijackers was actively resisting, and seriously wounded the operative criminal investigation officer Evgeny Nikulin with a knife. Doctors were unable to save him, and he died in the ambulance. Junior Lieutenant Evgeny Nikulin, born in 1987, worked in the police since 2009; in 2014 he was promoted to criminal investigator. The deceased police officer had a two-year-old daughter.



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