Orel official gets away with running down woman and receives commendation 

Orel official gets away with running down woman and receives commendation
The victim

The judge, who considered the case of Alexander Rayder, transpired to be the wife of his colleague.

A court in the Orel region imposed psychiatrist’s help on the Assistant to the regional Ombudsman in Khotynetsky district, Alexander Rayder, who in September 2017 hit and killed a woman on the curb of the oncoming lane, Daily Storm reports. Judge Tatyana Nikishina, who reviewed the official’s case, turned out to be the wife of his colleague - the Head of Khotynetsky district. The lawyer of Tatyana Mez’s boyfriend filed a complaint against the verdict.

It is reported that Rayder did not try to escape from the accident scene. A case was brought against the official on Violation of Traffic Rules, which has entailed a human death (part 3 of Art. 264 of the Criminal Code). The judge's decision says that in summer 2017 Rayder suffered from dizziness. A few months before the incident, he applied to a hospital where he was diagnosed with dorsopathy. It is a disease of the spine with a lesion of the vessels, which may result in a short-term loss of consciousness and coordination disturbance. The examination of the official at the scene did not reveal any symptoms. The examination appointed by the court much later detected "temporary mental disorder" at the time of the accident.

In some cases, Rayder’s diagnosis allows driving, deems a doctor, who Daily Storm talked to. According to the physician, much hinges on the stage of the disease: severe cases may lead to disablement. "If it occurred to him for the first time while behind the wheel – this is indeed the long arm of coincidence, against the background of a vascular crisis," the interlocutor said. The court found the official mentally incompetent and imposed psychiatric treatment.

The boyfriend of the deceased, Viktor Volobuyev, was not recognized as a victim in the case for a long time until the woman's sister executed a power of attorney in his him. On the day of the funeral of Tatyana Mez, the official visited the man, apologized and promised to help his daughter enroll at a university, however, there were no further actions. The case papers do not mention any compensation.

Volobuyev's lawyer Yulia Minazova stated that the victim had filed a complaint against the verdict. She stressed that judge Nikishina was the wife of the Head of Khotynetsky district, who worked with Rayder. Moreover, according to the lawyer, Rayder used to work as a federal judge. There is no publicly available information on this, but Minazova argued that the corresponding request had been sent to the regional court.

The complaint of the defense indicates that Nikishina was supposed to step aside and pass the case to another court. Also, it is noted that the trajectory of Rayder’s vehicle and severe injuries of the deceased point to speeding. Minazova believes the official "was either drunk or fell asleep." The lawyer also pointed out that the materials of the case did not specify the time of the hitting. Minazova also added that the official continued to drive, despite the verdict. Moreover, after the accident, Alexander Rayder received a commendation for achieving high performance in the field of safeguarding human rights and freedoms.

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