Oppositionist Navalny gets another longterm arrest

Oppositionist Navalny gets another longterm arrest
Alexey Navalny Photo: TASS

The court appointed oppositionist Alexey Navalny 20-day arrest immediately after doing another term. During the hearing, he promised to respond to the director of Rosgvardiya after watching his challenge to a duel.

The Simonovsky Сourt of Moscow appointed oppositionist Alexey Navalny 20 days of administrative arrest in the case of calls for an uncoordinated rally retirement-age increase on September 9. Such a decision was made by Judge Elena Armyashina, RBC correspondent reports.

Navalny is accused of violating the order of holding mass events, which caused damage to human health (part 4 of Article 20.2 of the Code of Administrative Offenses). Leonid Volkov called this accusation "exotic," as it is rarely used. In this case, the double jeopardy under this article may entail the initiation of a criminal case under Art. 212 of the Criminal Code (Repeated Violation of the legislation on Rallies).

Navalny was detained by policemen early in the morning on Monday, September 24, immediately after leaving the detention center, where he served his previous arrest - 30 days for the Voters’ Strike rally, which took place in January this year.

According to the new protocol, Navalny posted videos on August 7 and 24 that called for action on September 9 and published a similar appeal on Twitter. The Moscow City Hall repeatedly ignored FBK employees’ statement for the rally. As a result, the demonstration was unscheduled and led to "damage to vehicles" (including a Toyota police car) and injured MIA officers who tried to disperse the march. A criminal case was subsequently filed against one of the protesters over the violence against a representative of the authorities (Article 318 of the Criminal Code), the protocol says. The policemen appended reports "about the discovery of the text" and "video material" on the Internet.

The politician was brought to court around 4:00 pm. There were no lawyers with him: according to the oppositionist, the policemen of the Danilovsky police department did not give him the opportunity to contact them. The judge gave Navalny 30 minutes to call lawyers. Defenders Vadim Kobzev and Olga Mikhailova were busy. Then Navalny asked to adjourn the meeting so that he could exercise his right to defense. The judge refused to do this, noting that the law does not require the mandatory participation of a lawyer in a meeting on an administrative offense.

The oppositionist also asked the judge to give him two days to review the 150 pages of the case. The judge granted this petition in part, giving him 20 minutes to read and photograph the materials.

Navalny stressed that all his posts and videos calling for the September 9 action were published before the Mayor's office refused to accept it. The first refusal, posted by the regional security department, was dated August 26, when the politician was already in the special detention center. At the same time, the protocol states that it was allegedly sent on 24th, the opposition leader said.

He asked to invite the employees of FBK Lyubov Sobol and Georgy Alburov to the meeting, as well as the police officers who reported on the discovery of calls to the rallies on the Internet, detained him and drew up a protocol. The judge also refused.

After the rejections, the oppositionist demanded the judge’s self-disqualification, calling the administrative case "a frame-up." Armyashina abjudicated.

Navalny said that he had not yet watched the video message of Rosgvardiya director Viktor Zolotov challenging him to a duel, but promised to react to him. "I'll watch and, of course, I will answer," Navalny said, adding that because he was detained immediately after leaving the special detention center, he did not have time to get acquainted with the video. However, when one of the journalists tried to show Navalny the footage of Zolotov, the oppositionist put her down.

General Zolotov published a video on September 11, he responded to Navalny's accusations of buying products at inflated prices. Zolotov said that the investigation is "insulting slanderous fabrication" and promised to beat him to a “pulp.”



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