Open Russia activist persecuted for Instagram photo

Open Russia activist persecuted for Instagram photo
Dmitry Gultyaev

Dmitry Gultyaev’s apartment has already been searched.

Law enforcers in Vladivostok have opened a criminal case against activist of Open Russia movement Dmitry Gultyaev out of the publication in his Instagram. The human rights organization reports it.

The investigation believes that the activist affronted Primorsky Krai Department for Countering Extremism Head Dmitry Kandidatov posting a photo taken at the police station. In particular, the picture of an A4 sheet lying near the policemen recorded the offensive inscription written on it. Gultyaev stands along with unidentified people near the officer. The lawyer of the activist specified that the examinations have not yet established the author of the photo, as well as the owner of the Instagram account.

Gultyaev claims that he does not know who made this photo, but he confirms that on that day he was at the police station and wrote a statement to his neighbors.

On the eve, local media reported that the house of the activist was searched - security officials seized the phone and hard drive. It was also clarified that the investigation had already questioned several witnesses, and Kandidatov had testified against Gultyaev.



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