"One should treat lowlifes like lowlifes..." Budantsev appears in court with award weapon  

"One should treat lowlifes like lowlifes..." Budantsev appears in court with award weapon
Eduard Budantsev

Eduard Budantsev, who appeared as a witness on behalf of the prosecution, was asked to hand in the weapon, from which two years ago he shot two people.

In Nikulinsky court in Moscow, which is hearing the case on extortion of 8 million rubles ($135.2 thousand) from the owner of Elements restaurant Zhanna Kim for alleged debt to designer Fatima Misikova, lawyer Eduard Budantsev was a witness. At the trial he appeared with the award pistol Beretta. As Kommersant reports, even when he signed a paper on responsibility for giving false testimony, attentive participants of the trial noticed a shoulder strap with a holster under Budantsev's jacket. However, neither the bailiffs nor the judge took notice of this.

Eduard Budantsev said that he had met Zhanna Kim a year before the conflict in the restaurant. On December 14, she asked him for help, saying that an unknown group of people had blocked her restaurant and demanded payment of the debt. When Budantsev arrived, Kim told that designer Fatima Misikova, who was doing repairs in the restaurant, demanded to pay the entire amount for the work done, although her services had already been paid. According to Budantsev, Zhanna Kim was deeply disturbed. That said, the opponents - "people in outer clothing, under which weapons silhouettes were seen", according to the witness, "were anxiety-provoking."

Andrey Kochuykov, who led the delegation of visitors with three security guards, took Zhanna Kim to a separate room. The conversation was held in loud voices. Kochuykov, according to Budantsev, shouted: "This is all mine! And you will give everything!"

Afterwards, the lawyer began to argue that such a public understands only the force: "One should treat lowlifes like lowlifes..." When they all went out into the street, Budantsev saw a lot of people, and one of them cried: "Load the bald!" After that, the fight broke out. According to the lawyer, the opponents were clearly preparing to use weapons. He could not remember who exactly opened fire, but clarified that, having been wounded, he fled to a safe place, from where he started to return fire.

However, at the moment when the lawyer testified about the circumstances of the shooting, a secretary approached presiding judge Konstantin Dubkov and handed him a note. Straight after that, he interrupted Budantsev and suddenly announced a break.

Then everyone started to leave the session hall, and police officers from Interior Ministry Department Troparevo-Nikulino with automatic rifles approached the lawyer in the corridor. They explained to Budantsev that no permits allowed him to bring firearms to the courtroom, and forced to leave the gun in the guards' car. Later it transpired that, having shown the lawyer's certificate at the entrance to the court building, Budantsev got into the building, avoiding the search.

Notably, former KGB officer Eduard Budantsev, who appears as a witness in the extortion case, is accused by the investigators of the murder of two people in excess of the necessary self-defense limits and inflicting moderately severe harm to the health.

Additionally, the day before one of the YouTube-channels, almost 2 years after the shooting, published a video from the surveillance cameras with a second-by-second interpretation of what was happening inside the establishment. The shots indicate that holistically Budantsev's testimony was consistent with reality.

A total of 14 people are involved in the case, including killed in the shootout Filipp Domaskin and Alexey Kitaev. In the dock there is thief in law Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy), Andrey Kochuykov (Italianets), builders Nikolay Nikolaev, Savely Gonovichev and Gerson Gamidov, deputy director of private security company Zashchitnik (Protector) Alexander Golubev, vice president of the Union of Russian Paratroopers and leader of security company Batyr Bekmuradov, as well as employees of the private security company - Alexey Maksimov, Zelimkhan Patiev, Vadim Prokhorov and Yan Sorokin. The dock also features former Interior Ministry Main Directorate of Internal Security officer, Colonel Surzhikov, who was placed under house arrest.



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