One of Ufa police officers abusers is linked to corrupt prosecutor

One of Ufa police officers abusers is linked to corrupt prosecutor
Head of the Department of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Ufa district, Eduard Matveev

According to sources, Eduard Matveev is a protégé of Vice-Premier of Bashkortostan, Artur Akhmetkhanov.

One of the police superiors, who are suspected of gang raping a 23-year-old inquiry officers in Ufa, turns out to be associated with Prosecutor Ramil Garifullin, who was detained in September for bribes, Mediakorset’ reports referring to an informed source.

It concerns Head of the Department of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Ufa district Eduard Matveev, whom the investigation believes to be the main abuser. Mediakorset’ source said that Matveev and Prosecutor Garifullin, who used to head law enforcement bodies in the same district, would run joint business with the land. At the direction of Garifullin and his accomplice, who currently heads one of the district prosecutor's offices (name not specified), Matveev dismissed one of his deputies. In addition, the police officer used to protect illegal mining of sand and gravel in quarries. The sand was transported by people originating from the Caucasus, and Matveev ensured the absence of claims from the traffic police. 

According to another source, Matveev "supervised" not only the mining and industrial operations, but also the production of building materials and the reception of non-ferrous metals. The second source of the publication also confirmed his ties to Garifullin. 

“If they ask him about Garri (the prosecutor’s nickname) during the investigation, he may tell a lot of interesting things,” the source said. 

In addition, the sources said that Matveev is a protege of the newly appointed Deputy Prime Minister of Bashkortostan for the power bloc Arur Akhmetkhanov. Akhmetkhanov assisted Matveev from the very beginning of his career. 

When Akhmetkhanov became head of the Republic’s State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate, he appointed his protégé as chief of the control and preventive department, which fought against corruption among inspectors. Then, when becoming minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Akhmetkhanov appointed Matveev as head of the Operations and Search Division No. 6, who combated organized crime. Matveev was made Head of the Regional Department Of Internal Affairs in the Ufa district also with the support of Akhmetkhanov.

In early 2010s, a criminal case was initiated against Matveev for selling a car, which was listed as stolen, however, it was covered up, the publication’s source noted. 

According to the publication, the feast during which the rape occurred could have been connected with the appointment of Akhmetkhanov to the post of vice-premier, which took place on October 23.



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