One of the richest regional heads renounces scandalous words

One of the richest regional heads renounces scandalous words
Photo: Mikhail Klimentyev / RIA Novosti

According to the tax return, Igor Artamonov owns a luxurious SUV Porsche Panamera and is the fourth richest governor.

Representatives of the Lipetsk regional administration said that students of Yelets State University distort the words of Acting Governor Igor Artamonov. According to the press service, he did not say that inhabitants of the region did not earn enough, but only that the prices for gasoline were not controlled by the administration of the region. Allegedly, he also noted that the task of the authorities is to ensure high earnings for young people.

To recall, the students say the opposite. They claim that at a meeting with students, Artamonov said that the reason why they were not happy with the prices was that they did not earn enough, and not that the prices were too high; these words caused outrage of young people. They shared their impressions on social networks.

Their publications got popular. Users immediately compared the phrase with the scandalous statements by Head of the Youth Policy Department Olga Glatskikh about the fact that the state did not need children, as well as with the sensational words by Natalia Sokolova, former minister of employment, labor and migration of the Saratov region, about how it was easy to subsist on 3,500 rubles ($53) a month, eating pasta and seasonal vegetables.

In any case, Acting Governor Igor Artamonov, who owns a luxurious SUV Porsche Panamera, is hardly worried by the problem of rising prices. He is on the list of the richest governors of the country, occupying the fourth line of the rating. According to Artamonov’s tax return, which was published in Vedomosti, the joint income of him and his wife amounted to 140 million rubles ($2.12 million) in 2017. In addition, Artamonov owns a 150-sq m apartment and a country house of 400 sq m, and his wife is the owner of a spacious apartment with an area of 146 sq m in Germany.



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