One of the calmly chewing during firefight on Rochdelskaya policemen demands half a million for dismissal

One of the calmly chewing during firefight on Rochdelskaya policemen demands half a million for dismissal
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The former police officer Denis Romashkin believes that he has been treated unlawfully.

Accused of abuse of official powers in the framework of the shootout at Elements restaurant on Rochdelskaya street criminal case the ex-policeman Denis Romashkin filed a lawsuit in the amount of more than 500 thousand rubles. In as much he appreciated his enforced absence. However, his lawyer Oleg Romanenko said that Romashkin lost a post of the senior security officer of the MIA Criminal Investigation Department in the Khamovniki District and could not fulfill the duties of the MIA Deputy Chief in the Presnensky District at the time of the incident in the restaurant, the agency of urban news Moskva reported.

According to Romashkin, during the checking against him Article 52 of the law “On service in law enforcement bodies” was violated. The lawsuit stated that the checking does not established "the causes, the nature and circumstances of the alleged disciplinary offense, there is no conclusion on the guilt, the decision of dismissal is not preceded by an objective assessment of the actions, the situation on the spot and circumstances of combatting crime and apprehending the suspects are not taken into account".

Today, the investigation of the Moscow ICR Main Investigation Department's criminal case against former police officers, who did not interfered into the skirmish in the restaurant, was completed.

24-year-old security officer of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Russia in Presnensky District Ildar Shakiro, the district officer of the Presnensky Division Renat Zinnatulin and aforementioned 39-year-old Denis Romashkin are charged under Article Abuse of Official Powers (part 3 of Art. 285 of the Criminal Code). According to investigators, arrived on a call the policemen rather than interfering into the conflict between two groups of people, ordered food and began to eat. The conflict spiked between the owner of the restaurant Joanna Kim and criminals, sent by the thief in law Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy). They came to the restaurant for knocking out 8 million rubles, which allegedly owed the hostess of the restaurant; there were her representatives, among whom was the ex-employee of the special services Eduard Budantsev. The police stood aside even when the shooting began, which resulted in the two kingpin's people deaths.

In January of this year the policemen Shakirov and Zinnatulin were detained. In September Romashkin was placed under arrest too.



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