Rasul Mirzaev’s attackers identified 

Rasul Mirzaev’s attackers identified
Rasul Mirzaev

Officers of the ICR Main Investigations Directorate in Moscow have identified one of the suspects in the brutal beating of the fighter Rasul Mirzaev, admitted to the hospital on December 31 with multiple wounds and injuries.

As Life reports, a native of Dagestan Kamil Allakhverdiyev is one of the attackers. It is reported that two other assailants, whose identities have not yet been established, are also Dagestani natives.

Identification of the suspect was held directly in the hospital ward, where the 30-year-old combat sambo champion is healing his wounds. According to Life, Mirzaev picked the suspect out of a photo array. The news agency also notes that relatives of the alleged assailants visited Mirzayev in the ward on the eve of identification procedure with a view to negotiate the conditions of ‘amicable settlement’, but the fighter refused.


Earlier it was reported that a 24-year-old Zubaydat Ismailov, who was familiar with Mirzaev, was the one to let the attackers into the famous fighter’s apartment. For a while, she used to be a female partner of one of the suspects Kamil Allakhverdiyev, whom the fighter identified by a photo.


Let us recall that the attack on the famous Dagestani fighter and world champion in combat sambo Rasul Mirzaev was committed on the night of December 31. Three unknown persons broke into his apartment on Vostochnaya Street, brutally beat him, shot him several times from a traumatic gun (one of the bullets hit him in the head), and tried to strangle him with a chain. Mirzayev was hospitalized; yesterday, it was reported about deterioration of his condition.

ICR officers have initiated a criminal case under part 2 of Art. 112 of the Russian Criminal Code (Intentional Infliction of Injury to Health of Average Gravity) and part 2 of Art. 139 of the Russian Criminal Code (Violation of the Inviolability of the Home) against the athlete.



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