Khabarovsk flayflint fears prison, wants to psychiatric hospital

Khabarovsk flayflint fears prison, wants to psychiatric hospital

According to investigators, the Khabarovsk flayflints will face different penalties.

One of them, Alina Orlova has been found sane; she will face the consequences of her acts under the current legislation. The second girl, Alena Savchenko, "hears voices", which, according to experts, indicates schizophrenia. Moreover, she herself asks to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital instead of prison, realizing she will not get along well with detainees and prisoners. She argues that she was an outcast even in college. 

According to the ICR's latest information, Savchenko has been recognized suicidal. Since she is a minor and formally a child, law enforcement officers are afraid that she may do something to herself. As a result, the flayflint will be registered with children's ombudsmen for another year before reaching the age of majority. Now the conditions of her detention are carefully monitored, since employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service will take the punishment if she is to kill herself.

According to investigation, Alena Savchenko has long been registered with a psychiatric hospital for cutting her wrists. Now she is telling law enforcers and doctors about "the power of Anubis and the Duchess of Devil", demonstrating she is insane. Experts argue that in this case she hears voices like a schizophrenic. At the same time, one does not have to be part of a cult to carry out the orders of "voices in your head". As for the second flayflint Alina Orlova, no insanity is manifested by her; investigators do not exclude that she might have been shooting snuff movies and getting paid for it.

Let us recall that the news about two young girls from Khabarovsk maltreating animals and brutally killing them set the whole Russian Internet alight. Web users demanded the most severe punishment for the flayflints. Thousands of people signed a online petition demanding to bring them to criminal responsibility, as well as to toughen the penalties for animal cruelty at the legislative level. The suspects have been placed into custody by court order; one of the girls will stay in prison until January 1, the other - until January 7.



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