One killed, one wounded. Video of bloody skirmish in Rostov-on-Don 

One killed, one wounded. Video of bloody skirmish in Rostov-on-Don

Today, February 10, a video of a shootout, which took place on Prospekt Kosmonavtov not far from the Rostov cafe Bacon &John, appeared on the Internet.

The footage shows how the two companies argue, after which one of the participants in the conflict pulls out a gun and shoots. After that, everyone runs in different directions, but then returns to the scene, one of the parties to the conflict carries the wounded man.

Earlier it was reported that he received a bullet in the groin, the second victim was killed on the spot as a result of a wound to the head.

Local media, citing law enforcement agencies in the region, reported that the cause of the conflict had already been established –the companies had a fight because the truck had blocked entry.

In the course of the implementation of the “Interception” plan, the suspect in the murder was arrested; it was a 25-year-old local citizen. The press service of the Main MIA Directorate for the Rostov region reported that the investigating authorities initiated criminal proceedings under three articles against the detainee. The question of choosing a preventive measure for the suspect in the form of detention is being discussed.

His name is not reported, although it became known earlier that the police searched for people from the North Caucasus in connection with the incident, and the car in which the body of the deceased and wounded was brought to the Emergency Hospital belonged to 33-year-old Islam Akhtakhanov.

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