Video: Girl beaten by taxi driver in center of Moscow 

Video: Girl beaten by taxi driver in center of Moscow
Still from the video shot by witness of the attack

Beating of a taxi passenger in Moscow got on tape.

An accidental witness has videotaped the Moscow taxi driver's attack on a passenger in the center of Moscow. The incident came to light on Sunday, December 11.

According to eyewitnesses, the incident took place at about 5 am on Orlikov Lane. The video shows the taxist getting out of the car, opening the door from the passenger's side, and beating the girl who sits there.

Preliminary it is also known that it was the driver of a passing car who called the police.

"After the car pulled up, the attacker climbed into the car over the girl; a few minutes later there were law enforcement officers on the site," eyewitness told media.

Police officers, who arrived at the scene, brought the incident participants to police station to clarify all circumstances of the incident. It is notable that the press service of the MIA of Moscow denies the taxi driver's attack on passenger, stating that the information in the press does not correspond to reality.

Video: Taxi driver beats girl passenger in Moscow



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