On simple-to-complex basis. FSB builds prosecution case against Shakro Molodoy

On simple-to-complex basis. FSB builds prosecution case against Shakro Molodoy
Thief in law Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy)

Every guilty verdict in court should be a weighty evidence for the next, more important litigation.

Overseeing the whole investigation of Zakhar Kalashov’s criminal cases, the FSB decided to build a prosecution case against all direct and indirect persons of interest in the showdown on Moscow’s Rochdelskaya Street on a simple-to-complex basis. This is the conclusion the lawyers representing the accused over the Elements restaurant case have come to, wrote Kommersant. The investigation of the case under Art. 163 of the Criminal Code was completed yesterday and is likely to be won in court. It will become the main evidence of Shakro Molodoy’s guilt in subsequent cases against him.

For instance, if the investigators have a court ruling that found Andrei Kochuykov (Italiyanets) and the employees of Shakro Molodoy’s private security company guilty of extortion of 8 million rubles from Zhanna Kim, it will become the first proven instance in the case against Zakhar Kalashov’s gang  (part 4 of Art. 210 of the Criminal Code). In addition, the court victory will be a direct proof of the guilt of Denis Nikandrov, the former Deputy Head of the Moscow Central Investigation Department of Russian Investigative Committee and his coworkers Mikhail Maksimenko and Alexander Lamonov, who took a bribe to "soften" the accusation for Kochyukov and released him from the pretrial detention center. The bribery given to ICR executive officers, which was proved in court, will serve as another proof in the case of Shakro Molodoy’s criminal community.

This all makes every conviction a weighty evidence for the next, more important trial. The only person who benefits from the FSB accusations is Eduard Budantsev, who started the shootout near the restaurant, killing two people. If the extortion is proved in court, this will serve as the reason for his defense lawyer to ask for mitigation of the sentence. And if in the end Kalashov's guilt is proved, Budantsev will be seen as "Kim’s protector" from the whole criminal community. In this case, the former KGB officer may be convicted only for Exceeding the Limits of Acceptable Self-Defense (Art. 108 of the Criminal Code).

We should remind that yesterday, Moscow MIA completed the investigation of the criminal case of 8-million-ruble ($140.100) extortion from Zhanna Kim, the owner of Elements restaurant. Accusations in the final version will be filed against Zakhar Kalashov and his accomplices between 16th to 20th of May. Then the accused will start getting familiarized with the case file.

We shall add that the bribery case was made a separate lawsuit.



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