OmskVodokanal director’s smart house put on auction for $1.1m 

OmskVodokanal director’s smart house put on auction for $1.1m
Sergey Shelest

The mansion was built by specialists from the USA and Canada.⁠

Director of the OmskVodokanal company Sergey Shelest's mansion is put up for sale for 69 million rubles ($1.1m). It is reported that the laying-out of the house was designed by an American architect, and specialists from Canada worked at construction and restoration. The area of ​​the house is 400 sq. meters. It is equipped with a special computerized energy-saving system, so the cottage is positioned as a smart house.


"The house is equipped with a gas-air heating and air conditioning system with natural air humidification, devices for water purification and ionization, as well as a fire and security system. The IDF room is a sample of engineering thought: all installations for energy, gas, and water supply, as well as cleaning systems - are controlled by a remote control," it is reported on one of the real estate sites.

Shelest's mansion is located in the Sovetsky district, on the border with the center of Omsk. Together with the house 15 acres of land are put for sale. The cottage is surrounded by other houses belonging to the city elite.

There are two storeys and a ground floor. On the ground floor there is a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, a study and a bathroom. On the second - three bedrooms, two bathrooms and dressing rooms. A billiard room, a bar, a bathroom and another office are settled in the basement. The site is planted with cedar and fir trees, there is an extensive bath complex.

Shelest's mansion is one of the most expensive offers on the real estate market in Omsk. He plans to sell it for 69 million rubles.

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