Omsk policemen prosecuted for selling couterfeit alcohol and beating detainee

Omsk policemen prosecuted for selling couterfeit alcohol and beating detainee

In the Omsk region a trial of two ex-police officers accused of beating a detainee and selling counterfeit alcohol begins.

ICR officers in the Omsk region have completed a criminal investigation against two former police officers, Aleksandr Kalashnikov and Nikolay Sozinov. The men are charged with Exceeding Official Powers with force (item (а), part 3 of Art. 286 of the Russian Criminal Code). In addition, Aleksandr Kalashnikov is accused of Selling Counterfeit vodka and cognac, unsafe for the life and health of consumers (part 1 of Art. 238 of the Russian Criminal Code).

Investigators have found that April 7 this year, a drunken local, repeatedly convicted in the past, came to the Znamensky district police station. He was looking for his friend. Unable to find the friend in the village, the man decided that he had been detained by police and was kept in the police station.

It was Aleksandr Kalashnikov and his assistant, Nikolay Sozinov, who was on shift that day. They immediately detained the man and made up a fake protocol about his administrative violations, specifying fictitious witnesses in the document. When the detainee began to resent, demanding to release him, they beat him, and then erased the recording of a surveillance camera installed in the duty unit to hide the traces of their crime. However, this fact was revealed by employees of the regional MIA Office of Internal Security after they restored the video.

Moreover, Aleksandr Kalashnikov has been found guilty of trading low-quality alcohol. As found by police investigators, he had bought 150 bottles of counterfeit vodka and cognac at a price of 100-120 rubles per bottle from his acquaintance. Then he sold the same alcohol to his colleagues and fellow villagers at twice the price. The examination results has shown that the alcohol contained acetone. In addition, there have been fake excise labels on the bottles.

A criminal case has been initiated against the police officers, followed by their dismissal from the services, since their deeds denigrate the honor and dignity of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

During the investigation, both men denied their guilt, but investigators managed to collect irrefutable evidence to prove it. Materials in the case with the confirmed indictment have been referred to the Znamensky District Court of the Omsk region for further consideration on the merits.



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