Omsk police chief that initiated drunken fight paid off five victims

Omsk police chief that initiated drunken fight paid off five victims
Alexey Merkushov

Alexey Merkushov, who initiated a fight with a Moscow metro driver, turns out to have struck five more passengers.

New details of a scandalous incident in the Moscow metro, in which the Omsk police chief, Alexey Merkushov, fought with a train driver, have emerged. It turns out that the scale of the fight was much bigger - the security officer hit five more people, reports Telegram channel Karaulny.

Among the victims was one woman, but Merkushov managed to convince the victims to withdraw their claims. For this, each of them, the report says, received a “substantial sum.” Moreover, the security official also took care of the footage from surveillance cameras - according to the channel, he bought it as well. Now it is possible that Merkushov can face only demotion.

Earlier, The CrimeRussia told about a drunken brawl between the Omsk police chief and metro driver Sergey Goyev at Kashirskaya station.

Alexey Merkushov arrived in Moscow for advanced training at the Academy of Management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. After the fight, he was expelled. The Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Directorate in the Omsk region, Leonid Kolomiets, initiated an official check against him. Inspection materials on the fight were transferred to the special department for investigating crimes at high-security facilities and Moscow metro of the Moscow Investigative Committee Directorate.



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