Omsk: pensioner fights off teenagers using ax 

Omsk: pensioner fights off teenagers using ax

A group of schoolchildren amused themselves by throwing stones at the elderly person and cursing at him.

Omsk pensioner had to grab an ax to scare away a group of aggressive teenagers. The schoolchildren threw stones at the old man, cursed him, and one of the boys kicked the garage door, behind which the man tried to hide. Everything was filmed.

The incident occurred on April 14, on the same day the victim, born in 1942, reported to the police, the local MIA Directorate told Komsomolskaya Pravda. The police established the identity of all adolescents.

“There were three unlawful acts committed by the whole group: two of them were 14 years old, and one was 13 years old. The families are full, everyone has parents. One of the elders is already registered in the MIA bodies for petty theft and theft of phones,” the MIA said.

As the children told the police, they began to bully the pensioner when they were pasing by the garages. The elderly man’s face and hands were bruised. The MIA Directorate launched an investigation into the incident.



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