Russia's MMA fighter who formed Nazi gang faces trial

Russia's MMA fighter who formed Nazi gang faces trial
Nikita Fedonenko Photo: SuperOmsk

Nikita Fedonenko is charged with several robbery attacks and a murder.

This week, a trial of Nazi gang headed by 23-year-old MMA fighter Nikita Fedorenko commenced in the Russian town of Omsk. In addition to the athlete, defendants in the case include his peers Aleksandr Bezborodov and Aleksandr Labin, as well as Regina Mikulicheva, 17.

According to the investigation, Fedorenko had organized an extremist community whose members committed robbery attacks on people from the Caucasus and Central Asia. Initially, the group members would ambush their victims in local markets. Later, when it became dangerous to do raids, the extremists invited Regina Mikulicheva to join their community. The girl would look for new victims and, by appointing a date with them, lure them into the three fighters.

The extremists would beat their victims with particular cruelty; they even killed one of the men, according to the case file.

Since Regina Mikulicheva did not appear in court and her current whereabouts are unknown, the judge decided to suspend the case. The girl was put on the wanted list. Other defendants are under travel restrictions.



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