Omsk Judge Moskalenko accused of bribery hung himself in city park

Omsk Judge Moskalenko accused of bribery hung himself in city park
Sergey Moskalenko

Yesterday, January 13, Omsk Judge Sergey Moskalenko killed himself, BK55 reports.

As media reports, the suicide of the judge accused of high-profile bribery came to light on January 14.

According to VOmske information portal, Sergey Moskalenko's body was discovered by skiers in '300th anniversary of Omsk' Park at about 9 a.m. on January, 14. The man hanged himself on a tree shortly after receiving another subpoena. In addition, as a number of city media report, the man who hanged himself was dressed in a ski suit, and there were skis next to a tree on which the body hung.

Let us recall that, as previously reported by the CrimeRussia, Sergey Moskalenko was the prime suspect in a criminal case of bribery on an especially large scale. According to investigative bodies, the judge received 8 million rubles from Director of OmStroy-2001 LLC for rendering a milder sentence than it was provided by the law. Berg was charged under 10 articles of the Criminal Code, as the businessman cheated about 400 participants of shared construction.

Later, Berg was found shot dead in the forest belt near Omsk; the killer shot him in the back 4 times through the car seat, and then finished off with a headshot. Back then, Sergey Moskalenko became the main suspect in the murder; however, he quickly averted the law enforcers's attention by staging an 'assassination attempt' on himself. The 'assassin' attacked him with a knife in the stairwell and stabbed several times, but the official remained alive. Later, the investigating authorities charged him with bribe-taking only.

At the end of December 2016, we also reported that Sergey Moskalenko would be represented by his daughter Ekaterina Bespalova. She had previously served as senior assistant of the Omsk ICR. She had to resign from the Investigative Committee after the criminal proceedings were initiated against her father. Ekaterina Bespalova turned to practicing law.



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