Omsk: drunk man throws two-year grandson into burning stove

Omsk: drunk man throws two-year grandson into burning stove
Photo: Telegram-channel Life Shot

The child received 50 percent of skin burns; he was put into intensive care.

In a village near Omsk, a 53-year-old local man, who has been drinking for many days, pushed his two-year-old grandson into a burning stove. The boy was taken to intensive care with 50 percent of skin burns. Investigating bodies initiated a criminal case on the attempted murder of a minor with particular cruelty (part 3 of Article 30, part 2 of Article 105 CCRF), the press service of the regional ICR reports.

According to the investigators, the suspect grabbed the grandson from his wife, kicked her out of the house, and pushed the grandson into the stove. The boy was pulled out by the grandmother who has returned with a neigbour. A 21-year-old mother of the child left him at the parents’ before leaving for work. The family is considered dysfunctional – five years ago it was removed from the prevention bodies register.

The boy is in the resuscitation department of the burn center of the Emergency Hospital No. 1 in grave condition, attached to a medical ventilator, RIA Novosti reports.



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