Omsk court refused to realese three-person murderer 

Omsk court refused to realese three-person murderer
Azamat Ramazanov

The Sovetsky District Court of Omsk considered the application for parole, which was recently filed by multiple winner of the Omsk armwrestling tournaments Azamat Ramazanov, and decided to refuse.⁠

The court considered Ramazanov's crime committed with particular cruelty, and the term that he served in prison is insufficient to rehabilitate.

Ramazanov is serving his sentence in Omsk LIU-2, where he has repeatedly won a tournament in arm-wrestling.

In 2007 Azamat Ramazanov was sentenced to imprisonment for 15 years of strict regime for the murder of three members of the organized criminal group. Together with Sergey Skipin and Dmitry Vysotin, Ramazanov entered the apartment of wealthy people, breaking the door, but they did not find money and left with nothing. However, after some time the criminals returned, they killed the owner of the apartment, his wife and daughter.


Winners of the arm wrestling tournament in the correctional institution

As the court established, by pronouncing the verdict on the murderers, they beat their victims with their fists and cut with a knife, including repeatedly striking them at the heads.



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