OMON begins crackdown on protesters blocking Ural highway in Penza region 

OMON begins crackdown on protesters blocking Ural highway in Penza region

Residents of the Chemodanovka village demand the eviction of Roma and are afraid of attack from their side.

Footage showing OMON special soldiers dispersing protesters on the M5 Ural highway, who came from the Chemodanovka village, Penza region, demanding to evict the gypsies living in the neighborhood, has appeared online. In the evening of June 14, 33-year-old Vladimir Grushin, who got his head smashed in mass brawl with the gypsies, died. Another resident of the village is in IC, three more have knife wounds.

“There has been a terrible accident. The Gypsy diaspora brings condolences to the relatives of the deceased, and we pray to God that the victim recovers. We wish him good health. We do not want to have any conflicts with anyone in the city. We want the guilty to be punished. We will cooperate with the police and help them. This misfortune must somehow be resolved and the conflict ceased,” Andrey Ogly, head of the public association of gypsies in the Penza region, said in a video message.

The fight with the gypsies occurred due to the fact that representatives of the diaspora were harassing a minor girl on a beach. Men from the village came to talk to the gypsies, but they were attacked with knives and axes, eyewitnesses say.

The police opened criminal cases about hooliganism and causing serious damage to health. After Grushin’s death, the department referred the case files to the ICR Investigations Directorate in the region.



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