Oligarch's son who raped Instagram star: I can do everything

Oligarch's son who raped Instagram star: I can do everything
Aleksandr Sharygo

Model Anna Lisovskaya admitted that her former boyfriend continues to threaten her from the pre-trial detention center.

Model Anna Lisovskaya told how the scandal with son od oligarch Aleksandr Sharygo ended. According to the girl, the ex-boyfriend keeps calling her with threats right out of the pre-trial detention center. At the disposal of REN TV there is audio record.

"I'll get out of jail, take for a drive somewhere on my new Panamera. In any case. Or I'm out now and we normally communicate with you, either I get out, and my father says: yes, it was hard, but let’s relax, handsome. You know my father, he allowed me everything. I tell to my father how it’s better to sniff cocaine. My parents allowed me everything, maybe it led me to jail. My father is a serious person," - said Sharygo to girl.

Recall that the shocking story took place in January this year. Anna Lisovskaya said that the son of the businessman raped her, beat, filming happening on the phone, and then locked in a closet.

Girl, getting out the ill-fated apartment, told all to law enforcement officers. After a motion about the beating and rape the businessman's son tried to escape. At the same time, with the hidden numbers he wrote messages to Anna with threats and demands to abandon charges. But he was detained. Now he is in the pre-trial detention center, however, he continues to write from there to Anna.



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