Old man mistakenly held in a morgue for 3 days

Old man mistakenly held in a morgue for 3 days

The doctors were surprised to find him still alive.

An Omsk woman said that her elderly father had been kept in a morgue for three days in May, because they thought he was dead, Om1.ru reported.

According to the woman, she only found out about that the other day. When her mother needed medical help, her father asked the doctors not to take his wife to the medical unit, where he had been "taken to the morgue alive."

It turned out that the old man was taken to the hospital for finger amputation, but they ended up performing another procedure. The man was in intensive care, then he was completely undressed and taken to a room, where he was put on wooden flooring. He allegedly lay naked there for three days.

According to the pensioner, he lost consciousness all the time while in the morgue, and when he finally saw a doctor, he asked to take him out of there. The doctors were surprised that the patient lived "so long."



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