Official who called citizens cattle declares income similar to governor’s

Official who called citizens cattle declares income similar to governor’s
Irina Alashkevich

Earlier, the examination showed that the voice on the scandalous audio recording belongs to Alashkevich.

Irina Alashkevich, the head of the press service of the governor of the Irkutsk Region, declared five million rubles ($ 75,000) of income over the past year, while the head of the region indicated 5.5 million rubles ($ 82,300) in his declaration, REN-TV reports. According to Irkutskstat, the average salary in the region is about 40,000 rubles ($600).

According to the official’s declaration, in 2018 she bought an apartment of about 100 square meters.

Earlier, Alashkevich became famous for her story about the arrival of president Putin in Tulun to meet with flood victims. In an audio recording published by an unidentified employee of the press service, a woman with a voice similar to Alashkevich’ calls the victims who lost their homes tramps who lived in stables. The woman called Putin’s arrival a sugar coating, scornfully noting that the “tramps” were ready to “pee themselves from happiness” and “kiss the ground” where the president walked.

An independent examination confirmed that the voice on the recording belongs to Alashkevich. On behalf of the governor of the region, another examination is being conducted. However, once the governor had already appointed an inspection against his deputy Dmitry Chernyshov, whose father, according to REN-TV, owns a villa in Italy worth half a million euros. The check did not find any violations, but the Prosecutor’s Office launched its own probe.



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