Official suspected of spying against Russia may undergo plastic surgery

Official suspected of spying against Russia may undergo plastic surgery

An expert suggested that the CIA would take drastic measures to ensure the safety of its informant and his family.

Oleg Smolyankov, the former employee of the Russian presidential administration who is suspected of spying for the United States, is likely to undergo plastic surgery, said Andrei Vedyaev, a member of the Society for the Study of the Special Services History, in an interview with URA.RU.

According to Vedyaev, most radical security measures could be taken after the CIA received information about the imminent exposure of its agent.

Vedyaev emphasized that special services do not abandon their employees. He added that Smolyankov himself might not have been aware that he was close to disclosure.

“Usually they get the information in the center, where the data on all agents is tracked,” Vedyaev explained, adding that Smolyankov and his family are already “safely hidden.”

“He will be given new documentation and, if necessary, will undergo plastic surgery,” the source said.

The news that “the most valuable informant of the American special services in the power structures of the Russian Federation” was evacuated from Russia in 2017 was reported by CNN with reference to sources. The channel did not name the spy, but Russian Telegram channels said that it could be Oleg Smolyankov, an employee of the presidential administration, who went with his family on vacation to Montenegro in 2017and vanished.



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