Officers of Russia deny concluding contract with Russian Railways to patrol trains for 118 million rubles  

Officers of Russia deny concluding contract with Russian Railways to patrol trains for 118 million rubles
Anton Tsetkov, activists from Officers of Russia, and Center for Prevention of Offenses NGO

According to Transparency International, the non-governmental organization, which has broken nationwide due to unwarranted closure of Jock Sturges’ controversial exhibition, receives large contracts from the state without reporting about it.

The Head of Officers of Russia (OR) Anton Tsvetkov has responded to the claims of the international anti-corruption organization Transparency International, which had accused the social activists of commercial activities. In particular, it was about Officers of Russia's structural division, the Center for Prevention of Offenses.

According to Tsvetkov, Officers of Russia have no commercial contracts and subsidiaries. All the NGO's activities are carried out strictly within the framework of the current legislation, the Head of OR stressed.

Tsvetkov has said on previous occasions that no one is funding Officers of Russia on a regular basis, and their activities are attended exclusively by volunteers.

"I personally am not engaged in commercial activities; Officers of Russia does not have a single commercial agreement, and never has," Tsvetkov told to Interfax.

Meanwhile, Transparency International has different information. In February 2016, the NGO Center for Prevention of Offenses and Crimes, whose connection with the Officers of Russia had been repeatedly traced on joint actions, concluded a 118-million-ruble contract on patrolling of Russian Railways commuter trains with Russian Railways subsidiary, Central Suburban Passenger Company (CSPC).


Under the terms of the contract, posted on state procurement website, CSPC's responsibilities include combating offenses, crimes, and anti-social actions in railway transport. No tender for the provision of services had been conducted, in accord with Russian Railways' long-standing tradition — procurement was made from a single supplier.


As for Tsvetkov and his organization's commercial activities, the Deputy Head of Transparency International Russia Ilya Shumanov notes that the Head of Officers of Russia is the founder of a number of commercial entities, in particular, FPG Ofitsery LLC and Biznes Soyuz Consulting Group. Moreover, he rents out property as an individual entrepreneur.

It should be reminded that Officers of Russia came into the limelight in late September, blocking the entrance to a Jock Sturges exhibition Absence of Shame at the Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography without authorization. Tsvetkov explained the organizations’ actions by the presence of elements of child pornography in the photographer’s works.

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In addition, the organization is known for a number of vigilante acts, which has the constituent elements of illegal takeover.

In July 2016, Officers of Russia and Center for Prevention of Offenses NGO blocked the entry to the territory of a garage co-operative in Vykhino-Zhulebino for two weeks, inflicting considerable material damage to garages lessees.

A group of businessmen registered a civil lawsuit against the social activists and wrote a letter with a request to take measures against OR's arbitrariness to the Russian Prosecutor General Yury Chaika.



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