Office of Stavropolye traffic police head shot by unknown people 

Office of Stavropolye traffic police head shot by unknown people
Aleksey Guriev (right)

Furniture, walls, and doors in the office of former Major Aleksey Guriev have been riddled with bullet holes. Guriev became a defendant in a case soon after he fined a 14-year-old Mercedes driver, who turned out to be the son of an oil tycoon.

October 19, the Kochubeevsky District Court handed down a verdict to Head of the district traffic police, Aleksey Guriev, accused of several corruption-related crimes at once. The police officer was sentenced to 8 years of strict regime and a fine of 2.5 million rubles ($43.4 thousand). In addition, he was forbidden to occupy administrative positions for a period of three years.

After Guriev was sentenced, the convict’s family came to his former place of work to pick up his belonging. A debacle and riddled doors was what they found there.

The video shot by the officer’s relatives, who immediately called the police, shows cartridges scattered all over the floor and traces of bullets on furniture, TV, and office walls. The MIA Main Directorate in the Stavropol region is conducting a check into the incident; according to its results, a decision will be made in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the regional MIA department representatives said. The police officers, whose offices are next to Guriev's office, could not explain the incident.

According to Guriev’s relatives, somebody thus 'celebrated' the heavy sentencing of the traffic police district ex-head.

It is noteworthy that, according to the investigation, in March 2014, Guriev took a bribe in the form of office furniture items from director of a commercial organization with the help of a subordinate State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate officer. In exchange, he promised to terminate the inspection of vehicles of this enterprise, carrying cargoes on the territory of Kochubeevsky district.

In addition, the ICR has established the involvement of the accused in obtaining bribes from truck drivers for unimpeded transport of goods without the necessary documents. At the same time, Guriev’s subordinates in traffic police were his mediators in receiving and transferring bribes. All of them have confessed to the facts of corrupt activities and actively cooperated with the investigation, eventually getting conditional sentences.

Meanwhile, the police officer, who intends to appeal the verdict, believes that the criminal cases initiated against him are an act of revenge. The criminal prosecution of Guriev began shortly after the high-profile incident, when the major fined the son of one of the most influential and richest people in the Caucasus.

In the summer of 2015, State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate officers stopped a Mercedes E-200 with tinted glass in the Stavropol region. 14-year-old Yason Almazov, the son of Director General of Zapad-Transnefteprodukt (Belorussian subsidiary of Transneft) Vitaly Almazov, was behind its wheel. During a conversation between the boy and police officers, his father was constantly on the speakerphone and monitored the situation.

Yason and Vitaly Almazov

Yason and Vitaly Almazov

According to the documents, the foreign car belonged to his brother, Vladimir Vitalyevich Almazov. At the same time, the boy could not explain how come he was at the Mercedes’s wheel, only saying that he had "taken the car."

After the traffic police officers put the 14-year-old offender in a car for drawing up protocol, Vitaly Almazov began to threaten the police by phone. Then, according to the Stavropol region media, the teenager’s elder brother tried to bribe the head of the regional State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate via the phone.

Major Guriev refused to take the bribe, and, despite the threats of the young daredevil’s influential relatives, he drew up the protocol anyway and issued a fine.

Video 1: Aleksey Guriev’s office in the MIA Main Directorate in the Stavropol region, Kochubeesky district, attacked by unknown persons

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