Offended by Rasul Mirzaev girl organized attack on him

Offended by Rasul Mirzaev girl organized attack on him
Rasul Mirzaev

The personality of the girl has been already established.

The attack on well-known Russian fighter Rasul Mirzaev was organized by the girl, with whom he previously was in a relationship. Investigators of the MID ICR in Moscow have already established all of those involved, but it is impossible to detain them.

Mirzaev was attacked by girl’s brothers, whom he parted from shortly before. She complained of fighter, and they stood up for her.

The door to the fighter’s apartment was opened by a girlfriend of one of the attackers, who persuaded her to meet with Mirzaev for one night. Personality of girls have been already established.

During the beating Rasul Mirzaev was threaten by Saiga, demanding an apology for the insult of their sister. However, the fighter was able to fight back, and the attackers fled. It is worth noting that during the fight the criminals fired several shots in Rasul from a traumatic gun. The athlete received several serious wounds, one - in the face.



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