Nurse commits suicide in Moscow hospital

Nurse commits suicide in Moscow hospital
The nurse

The body of a 24-year-old girl was found in one of the premises of the institution. Empty ampoules with Propofol sleeping medicine used to maintain anesthesia were also found next to her.

A nurse at a maternity hospital in Moscow killed herself at the workplace by taking a lethal dose of sleeping medicine, Mash telegram-channel reports. The body of a 25-year-old girl was found in one of the rooms of the maternity hospital. Two ampoules of Propofol - a strong sleeping medicine used to maintain anesthesia, were found next to her.

According to REN TV, the girl worked as an anesthesiologist assistant. She had worked in the institution for three months. She did not leave a suicide note.

Investigators are working at the scene to establish the cause of the death, Region Online reports. The body was sent to the morgue for a forensic examination.

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