NSA Director forms special task force to counter Russian cyber attacks

NSA Director forms special task force to counter Russian cyber attacks
National Security Agency Director General Paul Nakasone

He also noted that Russia has “great capabilities” in cyber space ”on which we will certainly be called upon.”

The US special services have formed a special department to combat Russian cyberattacks. This was reported by the Director of the US National Security Agency (NSA), General Paul Nakasone, who also holds the post of Head of the US Cyber Command.

”I stood up a Russia group, a Russia Small Group. It is in line with what the intelligence community has been doing since post 2016, 2017,” the General said during his speech at the security forum in Aspen, Colorado on July 21.

He also noted that Russia has “great capabilities [in cyber space] on which we will certainly be called upon. And if called upon, I think, no doubt we will ensure that we act,” Nakasone assured.

The video of Nakasone's speech is available in the official forum account on YouTube. Bloomberg has paid attention to the statement of the NSA Head.

It recalls that earlier, on July 17, The Washington Post informed that the NSA and Cyber Command would cooperate with both chambers of the US Congress to counter the Russian threat on the cusp of midterm elections to Parliament in November this year.

The former Head of the NSA and the CIA, Michael Hayden, called the measures adopted by Nakasone and his associates insufficient, noting that it was "one of the most serious threats to national security that the United States had to face since September 11, 2001."

On July 19, the White House acknowledged the risks associated with Russia's attempts to influence the midterm congressional elections. The spokesperson for the White House, Sarah Sanders, said that US President Donald Trump believes that Russia can allegedly again meddle in the US presidential elections. "He does believe that they (Russians) would target, certainly, U.S. elections again," she said (quote from the White House website).

However, Trump himself makes contradictory statements on this.

At the Helsinki summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin on July 16, he said that he saw no reason for Russia to interfere in the electoral process in the United States. However, later stated he had meant that it was quite the opposite.

He also said that the US is not a "target" for Russia. On Monday, July 23, Trump wrote a tweet, in which he called the accusations of Moscow's interference in US elections "hoax."

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