Novosibirsk: students beat teenager who raped a minor 

Novosibirsk: students beat teenager who raped a minor
Still from the video

The video of beating has been posted online.

In Novosibirsk, students of the College of Architecture and Civil Engineering have taken justice into their own hands and beat their peer, who had raped an under-age girl. The video of the beating has been posted online. One of the acquaintances of the student who participated in the lynching told KP the details of the incident.

The source claims that the reprisal was initiated by the brother of the young girl who had been subjected to violence. The alleged rapist did not deny that he had abused the girl.

In the video, posted in the Intsident Novosibirsk group, several young men are standing in front of a teenager, who kneels before them. He says

“I apologize for raping your sister.”

“Kill him!” one of the guys shouts, and they begin to beat the teenager with all their might.

“As for apologies and sparring, I will say that there was, in fact, nothing. We just talked. We did not harm anyone, everyone's alive and kicking. Well, maybe there are a few bruises, and that’s it. It’s not for me to judge whether this is wrong or not, but I don’t see any particular crime here,” a friend of the company said.

However, a couple of days after the incident, one of the punishers was attacked. According to the source, the relatives of the rapist tracked him down and tried to force him into a car to “talk.”

“In general, the actions of the adults towards the minor were illegal,” the anonymous source says. “I don’t know how it would end, but a lot of people uninvolved people saw this, and, apparently, this stopped them.”



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