Novokuznetsk resident kills his wife-businesswoman and commits suicide

Novokuznetsk resident kills his wife-businesswoman and commits suicide
Anna Tsap and her husband Photo: REN TV

The ICR reports that the reason for the incident was a quarrel between the spouses.

A Novokuznetsk resident, 46-year-old Yuri Kalachev, killed his wife, barricaded the door in her office, and committed suicide. The Investigative Committee reports this in Twitter. A criminal case is initiated under part 1 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code (Murder).

112 Telegram channel reports that the deceased Anna Tsap was an entrepreneur and held stakes in several companies in the Kemerovo region. In six companies she was listed as the director general. The Investigation Department of the ICR in the Kemerovo region reported that the day before a quarrel between her and the husband broke up, and then the murder was committed.

According to, the attack took place in the center of insurance payments on Pavlovskaya Street at 11:40 local time. It was reported that Kalachev was holding hostages in the office, but this information was not confirmed. The SOBR reacted to the shots in the office, but only the body of the man was found in the room.

Governor of the Kemerovo region Sergey Tsivilev called the incident "a domestic tragedy." "A domestic tragedy, jealousy, husband, wife, that’s all," said the Governor in an interview with the Says Moscow radio station.



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